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Rhodococcus Genome Database - Tools


GBrowse provides an alternate view to genome annotations by fetching a region of the genome specified by a user's search criteria and presents the specified landmarks to the user in a detailed view containing one or more horizontal tracks representing individual sequence features for that area. The user is free to zoom in and out according to the level of magnification/resolution desired. Landmarks on each track usually contain a link to detailed information on additional websites.
Perform BLAST searches against nucleotide and protein sequence databaes from all genomes in this database. Results can be viewed using our interface that allows you to sort results and add annotations associated with each high-scoring pair to a clipboard for comparison.
Retrieve Sequence Data
(Protein and DNA)

1) Retrieve specific genomic DNA sequences from all genomes in the database using coordinates specified in your search criteria. User has option to view reverse complement of the sequence and/or its translation.

2) Request the DNA or protein sequence of an ORF by specifying its Locus ID.